APASL 2020 BALI 4th-8th March 2020
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Call for Abstracts!


The APASL 2020 Research Committee would like to invite you to submit your written abstract, which will be considered either for oral or poster presentation.



Official Language

All presentations at The APASL Annual Meeting 2020 will be in English.

Structure of Abstracts

Abstracts should be comprised of the following elements, with each section entered separately:


1. Title

The abstract title should be in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals. Title should be limited to  25 words.


2. Author details and Affiliation

Author’s names should be supplied in the surname-first format and should be in initial  capital/lower case and not all capitals. Email address should be supplied for all authors.

All affiliations should contain the department, institution, city, and country.


3. Abstract Text

The body of abstract abstract should be written using the following headings: Introduction,   Objectives, Methods (may include subheadings such as Subjects/Participants Intervention/s,   Outcome measure, etc, if necessary), Results, and Conclusion. Use standard abbreviations (spell  out in full at first mention, add abbreviations in parenthesis). Use numeras for number. Abstracts  should be limited to maximum of 250 words. Only online format submission of abstracts will be  accepted.


4. Format

Use abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears. Please use only   Times New Roman font. Font size should be 10. Abstract must be submitted in Microsoft Office  Word file format (doc or docx).



Abstract Selection

Abstract submission to The APASL Annual Meeting 2020 is ONLINE ONLY.

 To update your submitted abstract, please log in into your account and click “My Abstract”.

 Accepted abstracts will be allocated into oral presentation or poster presentation and published in Hepatology International.

 If you have any problem on submitting abstract, please contact us via email secretariat@apasl2020.org.




Which abstracts are Eligible for Submission ?


 The Research Committee will only accept original scientific material, which has not been published as an article or have been accepted for publication (including manuscripts) in printed or electronic formats upon the submission deadline. However, abstracts presented at local, regional, or national meetings may be submitted.

 Case report is acceptable.

 Abstracts may be selected for oral or poster presentation at APASL Annual Meeting 2020.

Abstract Submission Deadline on 25th November 2019.

Abstract Selection


 All abstracts will undergo review by the Research Committee.

 All abstracts will be scored by peer review based on the scientific merit according to the categories.

 The committee will determine determine whether abstracts will be accepted as oral or poster presentations with consideration to be given to the author’s preference.


Abstract Withdrawal


 APASL Annual Meeting 2020 will withdraw an abstract upon written request from the submitting author.

 Requests for withdrawal must be made by ( ). After this date, APASL Annual Meeting 2020 cannot guarantee that a withdrawn abstract will be excluded from publication.

 Requests to withdraw an abstract must contain the submitting author’s name, abstract title, and abstract ID number. To withdraw an abstract, please contact secretariat@apasl2020.org.

 Abstract participants who have not registered until late deadline, then the abstract will be withdrawn.

 If the accepted abstract have not paid the registration fee until the conference date, the accepted status of abstract will be canceled.


Commitment to Present


 Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment to present at APASL Annual Meeting 2020.

 All presenters must register to attend the meeting. If the presenting author is NOT able to attend, either the submitting or presenting author must contact secretariat@apasl2020.org with the name of a co-author who present the paper at the meeting. Only authors listed on the abstracts at the time of submission are eligible to present an abstract.




Abstracts selected for oral and poster presentation at APASL Annual Meeting 2020 will be published in Hepatology International .





 Presenting authors will be notified of the results of their abstracts via email.

 The results of the accepted abstracts will also be publish on the website. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to notify any co-authors of the decision.

 Presenting authors must formally accept their invitations to present by (Ddmmyy). If an invitation remains unanswered after this date, the abstract maybe withdrawn.

 If the abstract has been uploaded and the participant has registered, but participant is unable to attend, then the participant must inform to the committee of The APASL 2020.

 Participant with accepted abstract will only need to pay early bird registration fee.





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